The Lava Tunnel – Lava Falls Adventure

All year
4 hours
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In this extreme tour, you’ll be allowed to descend into the depths of Raufarhólshellir for three full hours. This fascinating lava tunnel will be yours to explore in this fully-immersive and extremely adventurous caving tour.


  • Lava tunnel experience
  • Raufarhólshellir lava cave

What's included

  • Guided caving tour
  • All necessary safety equipment
  • English speaking local expert guides

What's not included

  • Transportation
  • Food and drinks


Raufarhólshellir cave is only about 35 km (21.7 mi.) from Reykjavík, so it is reasonably nearby. You can meet your guide at the cave site.  The lava tunnel is near Hveragerði, a geothermal town which is only about a 30-minute drive from the capital city. Driving from Reykjavík east on Route 1 and drive for about 18 km. Turn right onto Route 39 (Þorlákshöfn) and drive for another 12 km. The parking area will be on your left-hand side. You can also find the cave on Google Maps. GPS coordinates: N.63º 56.407 / W. 021º 23.742

When the whole group has arrived and is ready, we’ll pass out all the necessary equipment. You’ll be provided with a helmet, flashlight, gloves, and crampons, if necessary. The ground in the cave is uneven and the cave remains between 0 and 4ºC (32-39ºF) all year round. For that reason, you’ll need to come prepared with sturdy hiking boots and warm clothes.

The sheer beauty of this lava cave is sure to impress you. Even upon entering, the range of colors that you can find on the walls of the cave, painted there by the minerals that took part in the eruption, is incredible and the breathtaking shapes formed by the lava are astounding. If you visit during the winter, all of this beauty will be amplified by the beautiful natural ice formations that fall gracefully from the ceiling as well as rise from the ground.

At the beginning of the tunnel, a walkway has been built to help tourists enter the cave despite the uneven ground. But, as this is an extreme lava tunnel tour, we’ll soon exit the walkway to head out on the less explored route. This rocky ground will become more rugged the deeper into the depths of the tunnel we go.

While this may not be the easiest path to follow, for those who are in good physical condition, this extra effort really adds to the sense of adventure. While the terrain is uneven, there will be no crawling or climbing required anywhere in Raufarhólshellir.

The cave is very open with wide paths and a high ceiling, making it the perfect place for those who dislike confined spaces to explore. It’s also very long. Reaching almost 1400 m (4593 ft.) in length, this tunnel is one of the longest in Iceland to allow tours.

While you explore, your expert guide will inform you about how the cave was formed, comment on its fascinating geology, and talk about the volcanoes of Iceland in general. You won’t run out of things to see or paths to explore during this underground adventure. There is enough fascinating geology to make you want to return for a second trip!

Once we have explored Raufarhólshellir fully, we’ll exit the cave to rejoin the outside world and enjoy the fresh air. You’ll be able to go back to civilization as a newly-minted expert on the lava tunnels of Iceland, no doubt already planning your next underground adventure during the trip home.

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FAQ & Important Information

This is the tour for the adventure seekers, it takes you beyond the standard tour, all the way to the end of the tunnel where magnificent lava falls and other natural wonders await in the dark. This is truly an unforgettable experience, full of sights and emotions. The Lava Falls tour is the highest rated tour of The Lava Tunnel. It’s done in small groups only, with a designated caving guide. Please note that this tour is more extreme than normal attractions as it traverses over a difficult terrain, including big rocks and boulders so a good balance and good physical health is required

You will spend 3 – 4 hours in the cave. That being said no prior caving experience is required. We rely solely head torches to navigate through this underground wonderworld so we do not recommend this tour for those that may suffer from some sort of claustrophobia. We also do not recommend this tour for pregnant women or children younger than 12. Passengers must be wearing hiking shoes with ankle support

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the tour will reach the end of the cave in every tour. It really depends on the fitness and overall state of the passengers/group.

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