Environmental Policy

Activity Iceland is an outdoor activity driven tour operator and travel agency where nature plays a key role. We recognize the effect our operations and services may have on the natural environment. As a consequence of this, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner to minimize the negative environmental impact caused by our operation and to ensure the responsible and sustainable use of all environmental resources used by the company. 

Responsible Traveling & Social responsibility

As an outdoor activity operator, we know that we are obligated to treat nature with respect and conserve the environment to the best of our ability. Consistent monitoring practices of operations allows us to address environmental issues in areas such as sorting and reducing the amount of garbage being produced within the company, not wasting water and other resources, reducing air pollution, saving energy, protecting the environment, being mindful of our social responsibility and selecting suppliers according to their performance in environmental issues. We travel in small groups, buy local service to stimulate local economies and inform our customers about responsible traveling and the importance of environmental protection and teaching respect for nature at all times.

What can you do as a traveler to contribute to responsible traveling?

  • Pack all your garbage and bring back to town for recycling
  • Pick up litter that is on your way
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Bring your own refillable water bottles and re-use them
  • Do not buy bottled water
  • Avoid eating whale meat and puffins
  • Do not drive off-road
  • Buy local products
  • Do not take any natural souvenirs from nature
  • Learn about Icelandic history, culture, and ethics

Our team is working on the following priorities to contribute to the community:

  • We follow strict company guidelines for responsible traveling and nature preservation.
  • We reduce emissions from our company fleet by using fuel-economy vehicles.
  • We try to minimize the use of paper in the office and recycle all paper when possible.
  • We design travel itineraries, which have the utmost regard for minimizing the impact on the local environment and improving it wherever possible.
  • We strive to offer trips that enable our customers to engage with local people.
  • We are committed to supporting local businesses, when possible, by using local transport and buying locally sourced food.
  • We educate all guests on responsible travel in Iceland.

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