Unleashing the Extraordinary

Imagine a journey where every moment is carefully curated, each experience deeply personal, and where your desires shape your adventure. Picture yourself venturing into the heart of Iceland, discovering landscapes unmarred by time and finding solitude in exclusive, remote locations.

This is what Activity Iceland promises – a journey not just through the land of fire and ice but a journey into the extraordinary, an adventure that transcends the ordinary, catapulting you into a realm of unmatched luxury and exclusivity.

Welcome to a world of extraordinary Icelandic experiences tailored to your desires, steeped in luxury, and unmatched in its dedication to client satisfaction. Welcome to Activity Iceland! Book your journey today and etch your own saga in the land of fire and ice.

Embrace Exclusivity—Immerse in the Extraordinary.  We’ll craft your epic Icelandic adventure.

What our customers are saying

Best Trip We’ve Ever Taken

Everything from planning and executing to arrival and activities was stellar. Activity Iceland planned the perfect trip for our family of four (twin 20 yo’s). Our guide, August, is now part of the family, and while we’ve been back a week, we are ready to go back in the summer to see this beautiful land from a different perspective.

Highlights: snowmobiling, glacier tour, exquisite waterfalls, glacier hiking, ice caves, blue lagoon, etc.

Extra Special Touches: superb transportation which included WiFi wherever we went. Snack bags with drinks, wipes, and tissues (which you really need). Recommendations for the best restaurants. We wanted soup and they found the best soup spot.Their service is top-notch. VIP treatment.

Highly recommend and will definitely use them again.

Extremely Well Organised

We were a family of 5 and this company did a great job in pulling our itinerary together. Would highly recommend them. Very responsive, friendly and helpful. Vehicles were all of a very high standard and comfortable.  Thanks for a superb trip to Iceland!

Excellent Tour Company for your Icelandic Adventure

We just returned from a 5 day vacation from Iceland which was handled end to end by Activity Iceland. Must say we were very happy with the entire service. Eydis from their team helped us plan a 5 day tour, months in advance. Post many emails to and fro must say we got the perfect itinerary in place. Thank you Eydis for all your patience and help.

Touring the Golden Circle, Langjokul Glacier, Thorsmork, the various waterfalls, hiking at Solheimajokull Glacier, our entire trip of Iceland was filled with activity and adventure which was lot enhanced in the comfort of the Super jeep provided by Activity Iceland. Travelling off road in the Super jeep is an adventure in itself.

Lastly, i need to really compliment our driver and guide for the 5 days. John was exceptional in his services. He went all out to ensure we had a great trip. Planning lunch stops in remote places, assisting us in our glacier hike, telling us about his beautiful country. i could probably praise his efforts for a few paragraphs.

Thank you for a great trip to Iceland !! We are sure to refer a lot of our friends and family to go and experience the beautiful country with the exception travel company Activity Iceland.

Amazing northern lights trip

We had an amazing trip with this company. Very high service, with quick response, multiple offers for you to choose from. We saw the northern lights many times. Would very much recommend. Thank you.

Amazing Company

Eydis planned the perfect week for us. She was easy to work with and stayed within our budget with our whole wish list. We had a private driver (Geiri) to do many activities all over Iceland. Everything was amazing! He took us everywhere in a beautiful and clean large SUV with wifi and an awesome playlist. He was super accommodating and always willing to go the extra mile. I cannot say more good things about our experiences. Trip of a lifetime came true because of Activity Iceland.

Great time in Iceland

According to our wishes and budget Eydis from Activity has planned a fantastic trip for us. We had the possibility to visit the most important sites and have a surplus like the buggy cars adventures for example. everything was precise and clear. no fear with activity iceland!

Highly recommended one-stop-shop for our all ACTIVE activities in Iceland! 

We had an amazing experience working with Harpa at Activity Iceland! At first, when the idea came to mind to visit Iceland and I started my research, I was overwhelmed with number of agencies and the high number of amazing places to see in Iceland. Harpa spent a lot of time with me advising and discussing various options based on our schedule, budget, and interest, she developed a great itinerary for us (group of 8)! She arranged our helicopter tour, we did an amazing Buggies adventure they manage (so fun! really worth it!) and had an all-day Super Jeep tour across the southern part of Iceland. Superjeep vehicle itself was awesome (clean and comfortable and so powerful – crossing rivers and climbing rocky hills, true offroading), the guide was wonderful, and the sites were to die for! Harpa made sure that we go to an area that is not too busy with tourists and yet the same if not more beautiful than the beaten path. We had the BEST experience! Fun and comfortable and amazing service and easy accommodation to last-minute change we had on our final day. I highly highly highly recommend it! Eydis from Activity Iceland was also very helpful and extremely nice. Wonderful people! Great service all around!

Crafting Personalized Icelandic Masterpieces: Our Services

Your desires are our blueprint, your dreams our inspiration. We understand that every traveller is unique, and hence, we offer a suite of services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Here’s how we turn your Icelandic dreams into reality:

Monster Truck Tours

Witness Iceland’s raw beauty on our exclusive Monster Truck Tours. Discover untamed terrains, chase the Northern Lights, or navigate the captivating Highlands in our luxurious, amenity-loaded 4x4s.

Private Events in Extraordinary Locations

Celebrate unforgettable moments in remarkable settings. Be it intimate dinners under the Aurora Borealis or grand festivities near majestic waterfalls, our team ensures your events are meticulously curated.

Customized Vacation Itineraries

Experience Iceland your way. Our local insiders and luxury travel concierges design bespoke itineraries that resonate with your interests, ensuring every experience surpasses your expectations.

All-Inclusive, Bespoke Services

From exclusive lodgings and gourmet meals to private transport and 24/7 concierge service, we provide a seamless, luxurious vacation experience.

With Activity Iceland, you’re more than a tourist – you’re an adventurer, a luxury enthusiast, and a dreamer living your fantasies. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Driven by Passion and Exclusivity: Our Clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. They are the well-heeled explorers, the curious souls with a taste for the exceptional—individuals who, like us, are driven by a passion for exclusive experiences and personalized luxury.

Our clientele value privacy, seek unique adventures and expect nothing short of perfection in every detail.

They entrust us to go beyond the ordinary, to create tailored Icelandic experiences that are a true reflection of their individuality. Understanding this, we weave a seamless journey of unforgettable moments, defined by their desires and paced to their rhythm.

Our clients choose us because they know, with Activity Iceland, they don’t just discover a destination; they experience a lifestyle. They immerse themselves in the extraordinary, knowing they are in the capable hands of a team that understands and anticipates their needs with an uncanny intuition. This is the bond we share with our clientele, defined by mutual respect, understanding, and a shared love for the extraordinary.

Trust, Privacy, and Unmatched Luxury

At Activity Iceland, we don’t just provide travel services, we offer transformative experiences built on a foundation of trust, privacy, and unmatched luxury. Every interaction with us is designed to leave you with a sense of profound satisfaction, knowing that your desires have been understood, your privacy respected, and your expectations exceeded.

Unwavering Trust: Our relationship with our clients is grounded in mutual trust. This is why globally renowned artists and successful entrepreneurs have placed their faith in us, confident that their visions of an unforgettable Icelandic journey will be flawlessly realized.

Uncompromised Privacy: We prioritize your privacy as much as we value your comfort. Every aspect of your journey is designed to ensure discretion from the moment you engage with our services until you conclude your Icelandic adventure. Our attention to privacy extends beyond the journey itself; all your personal information and travel details are treated with the utmost respect for confidentiality.

Unmatched Luxury: In our context, luxury is not just about grandeur. It’s about personalizing every detail to your preferences, it’s about providing exceptional service that anticipates your needs, and it’s about offering the extraordinary. Be it exclusive events at remote locations, specially modified vehicles for your private tours, or a dedicated travel concierge, our aim is to elevate your Icelandic experience to unparalleled exclusivity.

Setting Ourselves Apart

Travel, in its essence, is a deeply personal endeavour, often fraught with concerns that, if not addressed, can mar the whole experience. At Activity Iceland, we understand these intricacies and strive tirelessly to dispel these concerns, offering a seamless, worry-free journey.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Our clients value their privacy. Recognizing this, we adhere to stringent confidentiality protocols, ensuring your personal information and travel plans remain secure. From private transportation to secluded accommodations and exclusive event venues, we’ve woven privacy into every aspect of our services.

Originality and Authenticity: In an age where off-the-shelf itineraries are all too common, we promise genuine, unique experiences. We tailor each journey to your individual tastes and preferences, ensuring a truly authentic Icelandic adventure. Be it a hidden hot spring untouched by tourism or a little-known Viking heritage trail, we bring you refreshingly original experiences.

Finding Truly Exclusive Experiences: The quest for something out of the ordinary often hits a wall with standard tour packages. We break this barrier by offering unparalleled, tailor-made experiences, like our Monster Truck Tours, that take you to remote and inaccessible Icelandic landscapes.

Our local knowledge is one of our greatest assets. We don’t just show you Iceland; we introduce you to its heart and soul. Our team, ingrained with a deep understanding and love for this land, handpicks experiences that steer clear of the beaten path, offering you unique insights into local traditions, untouched landscapes, and hidden hotspots. This intimate knowledge lets us craft unique adventures you won’t find in any guidebook.

Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedication to creating an unparalleled journey for our clients begins with exceptional customer service. From the first point of contact, our team is attuned to your desires, ensuring a smooth and personalised process throughout your journey with us. We pride ourselves on our quick responsiveness, willingness to go the extra mile, and proactive approach to anticipate and exceed your needs.

We at Activity Iceland don’t just plan vacations; we craft extraordinary experiences you’ll cherish forever. Our commitment is to take you beyond boundaries, transforming common travel concerns into assurances of an unforgettable journey.

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