Beer Spa in North Iceland

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Enjoy a truly original experience at Iceland's first Beer Spa and drink as much drink as you can!

The Beer Spa offers an original spa experience based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, materials, and Iceland's natural geothermal water.  Soak away the stress of modern life by relaxing in a warm beer bath.

Beer yeast is used in various ways; the most common is a tablet form, where the yeast's effects are very beneficial. Beer bath, where you bathe in both young beer and live beer yeast without showering it off until some hours later, has an extremely powerful effect on the body and skin. This treatment is both cleansing for the skin and has a very positive effect on health

All the tubs also have a draft beer tap alongside so that visitors aged 20 and over can help themselves to a cold one while they bathe.


  • Enjoy a truly original experience at Iceland's first Beer Spa
  • Enjoy the health benefits of beer yeast on your skin
  • Taste the best local beers
  • Relax in the relaxation room
  • Try the outdoor hot tubs and the sauna

What's included

  • Access to the beer bath in  a private room
  • Access to the outdoor tubs and sauna
  • Use of towel and locker



The Beer Spa (or ‘Bjórböðin’ as it’s known in Icelandic) is a quirky retreat that opened near the village of Árskógssandur, midway up the Tröllaskagi peninsula’s east coast, in 2017.  There are only seven bathtubs at this exclusive attraction which can fit up to 2 people each. You will bathe in the beer for 25 minutes before making your way to the relaxation room, where you’ll have the chance to unwind for 25 minutes.

  • When you arrive, local staff will greet you, give you a towel and show you to the locker room. There are locked closets for your clothes and personal belongings.
  • We recommend skipping your bathing suits for the beer baths.
  • A staff member will greet you on the other side and show you to your private room.
  • After 25 minutes in the bath, we will knock on your door to let you know your time is over.
  • We will wait for you and show you to our relaxation room, where you will relax for another 25 minutes.

You bathe in a big tub filled with young beer,  live beer yeast water, hops, beer oil, and beer salt. The beer used for the bath is in the early stages of fermentation, and at that stage, the beer has a very low pH which will tighten and soften your hair follicles and is cleansing for your hair and skin.

Brewers yeast which has gone through the process of fermenting beer is a great source of nearly the whole Vitamin B scale, which has a revitalizing effect on skin and hair and is also a great source of protein, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

The beer hops are rich in antioxidants and alpha acids. The oils and minerals from the plant have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and are also used to decrease the surface of blood vessels. Hops are proven to have a soothing and relaxing effect on muscles and the body.

We don’t recommend showering for the next 3 to 5 hours after the bath because it will revitalize and soften the skin and hair.

The bath temperature is 37 – 39°C and is filled with a new blend after each guest.

The Bathtubs are made from Kambala wood. It is available for people, one at a time or two together. There is no age limit for the beer bath because the bathwater is undrinkable, but there is a beer draught at every tub for anybody over 20 years of age. 16 years and younger need to be accompanied by adults.

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FAQ & Important Information

The following is important information applicable to this tour. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone; we are here to make your tour exceptional!

This tour is operated by our trusted partner.

Pick up:
Please note that transfer is not included in this tour. The Beer Spa is located only a short drive from Dalvik in North Iceland, situated just outside the village of Árskógssandur on the east coast of the Tröllaskagi Peninsula. Please find the location on Google Maps.

All prices are per person. We accept payment by major credit and debit cards with no additional fees.

Do I need to book my ticket in advance?
We highly advise booking your tickets online as we cannot guarantee availability on the spot.

What is in the water?

It’s a mixture of beer, water, hops, and yeast. Essentially, you’re bathing in both young beer and live beer yeast, which without showering it off for some hours later, can have a powerful effect on the body and skin.

Will the beer bath make you drunk?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, you’re bathing in a combination of young beer and live beer yeast, which though having a fantastic alluring aroma, you won’t be able to drink it, nor will your skin’s contact induce drunkenness.

You can and should, however, take advantage of the beer we have available for you to try at the spa. Though alcohol of any kind was illegal to sell in Iceland between 1915 – 1989, Iceland now hosts a growing craft beer industry. We’re biased, but we think North Iceland produces far better beer than our fellow compatriots down in Reykjavik and South Iceland.

When should you visit the Beer Spa?

The Beer Spa is open all year round, so when you would like to visit is totally up to you. Like much of Iceland, the seasons massively transform your experience. From the snow-covered winter wonderland settings of the winter months (September – April) to the long daylight hours under the midnight sun in the summer season (May-August), you’ll be spoiled for choice. Frankly, it’s so different that you’ll want to check it out in both seasons.


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