Vök Baths in East Iceland – Comfort Admission

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Vök Baths is a geothermal spa on the beautiful Lake Urriðavatn in East Iceland. It offers a unique way to experience the age-old Icelandic tradition of bathing in a natural geothermal pool. A perfect place to enjoy your wellness, reconnect with nature by taking a dip, or even swim in the cold lake around the floating infinity pools.

At Vök Baths, you will find floating geothermal pools with infinity views, two on-shore hot pools, a sauna, a cold water spray tunnel, a tea bar, an in-water pool bar, and the on-site restaurant, Vök Bistro. Vök Baths is the only spa in Iceland with certified drinkable hot spring water. Immerse yourself in Iceland’s unique and untouched landscape and become one with nature at the country’s first series of floating geothermal pools!

Comfort ticket includes admission to Vök Baths, a tisane brewed from the spring water & local herbs at the infusion bar, and a drink at the outdoor pool bar.


  • Try the floating geothermal pools with infinity views
  • Enjoy the 360-degree view of the breathtaking scenery
  • On-shore hot pools, a sauna, and a cold water spray tunnel provide plenty of options for relaxing and refreshing
  • A unique tea bar offers tisanes made of the hot spring water
  • Enjoy a drink at the in-water pool bar, and try the products of a local microbrewery
  • Vök Bistro serves a tasty array of small courses, soups, salads, and cakes accompanied by freshly baked homemade bread. All ingredients are locally sourced and organic

What's included

  • Admission to Vök baths
  • Tisane drink at the tea bar
  • A drink of choice at the pool bar

What's not included

Towels, swimsuit,s and bathrobes are available for rent


Vök Baths is a relatively new spa; it opened in the summer of 2019.  The Bath harnesses the geothermal power of the region to create a unique bathing experience with amazing views of the rest of the lake and the surrounding area. Compared to the rest of the country, there are relatively few hot springs in East Iceland, making Vök Baths an attraction you don’t want to miss!

This is an Icelandic hot spring destination like no other; the hot water is so pure that it is the only certified drinkable hot spring water in Iceland! The water streams from hot springs deep under the lake. Years ago, during the long arctic winters, the locals noticed that the lake ice always melted in the same place. The name, Vök, is the Icelandic word for these melted ice holes. Today, these hot springs supply all the hot water for the surrounding area.

At Vök Baths, you will find floating geothermal pools with infinity views, two on-shore hot pools, a sauna, a cold water spray tunnel, a tea bar, an in-water pool bar, and the on-site restaurant, Vök Bistro.

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FAQ & Important Information

The following is important information applicable to this tour. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone; we are here to make your tour exceptional!

This tour is operated by our trusted partner.

Pick up:
Please note that transfer is not included in this tour. Vök Baths is located a 5-minute drive from downtown Egilsstaðir in East Iceland. Please find the location on Google Maps.

All prices are per person. We accept payment by major credit and debit cards with no additional fees.

Do I need to book my ticket in advance?
Only a limited number of tickets are available for each entrance time at Vök Baths. Therefore, we highly advise booking your tickets online as we cannot guarantee availability on the spot. From the 1st of June to the 31st of August, we ask all guests to book in advance as we don’t accept walk-ins during that time

What happens if I can’t make it at the time I have booked?
Changing the date or timing of your booking is not a problem. Please get in touch with Vök Baths via e-mail at [email protected] with a new date or time and your booking number.

A Personal assistant
Guests requiring help in the changing rooms are given complimentary admission to cover the entry fee of an assistant. This also applies to children with home-care allowance ID that have complimentary admission themselves. Please contact [email protected] to book in advance.

What is the minimum age to go unaccompanied to Vök Baths?
An individual must be at least 16 years old to be allowed to enter alone. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents.

How long can I stay in the pools?
You can stay as long as you want, within opening hours. Everyone has to leave the building before closing time.

Opening hours

  • September 1st – May 31st: from 12-22
  • June 1st – August 31st: from 11-23


  • Maundy Thursday from 12-22
    Good Friday from 12-22
    Easter Sunday from 12-22
    Easter Monday from 12-22
    First Day of Summer from 12-22
    Labor Day from 12-22
    Ascension Day from 12-22
    Whit Monday from 10-22
    December 1st from 12-22
    December 24th from 10-16
    December 25th from 10-16
    December 31st from 10-16
    January 1st is from 10-16

Are there any chemicals in the water?

Vök Baths is a clean natural hot spring with no chlorine or other chemicals added to the pools. The purity of the water is guaranteed through continuous water flow. Clean natural pools come with algae, and the algae formation peaks in spring and summer when the sun is highest in the sky. However, a lot of research has indicated the positive effects of algae, for example, in nourishing and softening the skin. Nevertheless, algae can cause the surfaces to become slippery, so the pools are regularly emptied and the algae removed as a safety precaution.

What is the pool’s temperature, and how many do you have?

The temperature of the pools ranges from 38° – 41°C (100,4° – 105,8°F). We have three warm pools: one main pool and two floating pools.

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