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THE Reyka Glacier Bar TOUR

An adventure to the world’s first ever bar on a glacier


You only have one chance to visit!

Do something that no one else has ever done before and that no one will ever do after you! This is your chance to experience something truly memorable: visit some of Iceland’s most epic natural attractions and party at the world’s first-ever bar atop a 2000-foot (600-meter) thick ice sheet!

Reyka (‘Ray-KUH’) Vodka is a unique Icelandic spirit; the first vodka to be distilled in Iceland as well as the favorite hard drink of the Vikings. 

This small-batch producer has decided to do something extraordinary. It is literally making history by building a fully-functional pop-up cocktail bar in the middle of nowhere – on top of a glacier! 

If you don’t believe us, check out its coordinates on Google Earth:
64.565653°N, -20.024822°W.

Langjökull – where Reyka sources the water for its products – is the second-largest glacier in Iceland and is among the largest in all of Europe. Aboveground, this hostile terrain is the ultimate playground for adventurous snowmobile riders while underground, the ancient icecap is home to thrilling ice caves.

No one has ever built a bar on a glacier before! This is going to be the first one and the Reyka Glacier Bar tour is available for no more than one day. The number of tickets is limited and the competition is fierce. 

If you want a sure bet, book your tour now!

Only on October 20, 2019!

We are the only tour operator in Iceland that will take you there!
The number of seats is limited, so hurry!
The only chance to purchase your ticket to this epic adventure is NOW! 


What you'll also experience

The Glacier Bar is not the only thing we have in store for you. On this tour, you’ll also get to experience Iceland in a nutshell by:

Riding in one of our tremendous luxury Superjeeps

Visiting Iceland’s most famous waterfall, the majestic Gullfoss

Exploring Geysir Geothermal Area where you are guaranteed to see a spouting geyser


Exploring a beautiful man-made ice cave inside Langjökull glacier


Going on an exhilarating snowmobile trip on the glacier

You could hardly ask for a more authentic or memorable Icelandic experience!


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