Forget the crowded buses, the parking lots full of coaches and cars, and the distracting city lights! Come and join us on this private Northern Lights tour from Reykjavik and admire the spectacular show put on by the magical Aurora Borealis. It will be just you, your family, and your friends in a luxurious Super Seep as the magical Northern Lights dance in the sky above you.

General information

September – April

Private tour

3-4 hours

No limit

Tour highlights

Super Jeep experience
Northern Lights
Guided tour in a private Super Jeep
Northern Lights photos

What’s included


Pick up and drop off in Reykjavík
Private Super Jeep transport
English speaking local expert guide
Free WiFi
iPad that you can use during the tour
Hot chocolate and ice cold Jägermeister



Tour details

Our favorite hidden spots, expert personal guides, and the coolest Superjeeps that have been highly modified, beautifully built, and well-equipped. This private Northern Lights tour is based on you, your family, and your expectations. We promise you a personal and immersive experience without other tourists crowding around you.

This tour you will give you exclusive access to the best spots from which to see the Northern Lights. You will have the greatest intimacy, flexibility, and freedom possible, certainly much more than a bus or boat day tour or a self-drive tour can offer.

For many travelers, seeing the Northern Lights comes in at number one on their bucket list. As local Northern Lights experts, we can wholeheartedly understand why. Standing beneath this magnificent natural phenomenon in complete silence at the top of a snowy hill, beside a lighthouse overlooking the ocean, or on a moss-covered lava field in the middle of nowhere is undoubtedly the experience of a lifetime.

Select the car you want

We give you the freedom to select the Superjeep that is perfect for you and your Northern Lights tour. Depending on your group size and your preferences, you can choose from a comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser (up to 4 passengers), a spacious Mercedes Benz Sprinter (up to 13 passengers), a Mercedes Sprinter XL (up to 16 passengers), or a luxurious Ford Excursion XL (up to 10 passengers). All of our cars are equipped with free 4G Wi-Fi and an iPad. You can choose your date and your Superjeep in the booking section on this page.

Exclusive Northern Lights tour from Reykjavík

This exclusive private Northern Lights tour from Reykjavík is run by our local expert guides who never give up and are highly skilled at locating the Northern Lights. And you will get to see their favorite secret spots! Each viewing location has been hand-picked by one of our Northern Lights experts, allowing us to share our personal experience and to create truly amazing Northern Lights tours.

Since this is a private guided Superjeep tour, you will be mobile enough to go to where the circumstances are optimal. You will not need to worry about driving yourself in Iceland’s difficult winter conditions or about finding out where to go for the best opportunity of seeing the Northern Lights.

Your driver guide will use local knowledge and the most recent forecasts from the meteorology office to find the place with least cloud cover and with unblocked views of the sky to ensure that you have the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights with the best view possible.

Your adventure will begin in Reykjavík where your private guide will pick you up at your hotel or at a nearby pick-up point. You will get on board the private Superjeep of your choice equipped with an iPad and free Wi-Fi. You will quickly leave the lights of the city behind to head out into the darkness of the vast Icelandic countryside in search of the magical Northern Lights.

At the first stop, your guide will check the conditions and decide to stay there or to keep looking for another location that will give better results. If the aurora activity is weak or if the weather is cloudy, your guide will take you to find some better locations. This will definitely boost your chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights hunting off the beaten path

On this Superjeep tour, we cannot tell you in advance exactly where your quest for the Northern Lights will take you. As you will quest for hours, there will be many places that you could possibly see by night. You may visit the beautiful and historic Golden Circle area, somewhere in South Iceland, the lava fields and volcanoes of the Reykjanes Peninsula, or even the western part of Iceland. Where you go depends entirely on the forecast and the weather.

To maximize your enjoyment, you will be able to go to locations that are off the beaten path which the tour buses and minivans cannot reach. You special Superjeep will give you the flexibility and privacy to enjoy the Northern Lights and the other wonders of the night sky without the discomfort of big crowds.

Your guide will tell you everything about the Aurora Borealis

There is no need to read long-winded articles and guides beforehand to learn about the Northern Lights. Your guide will tell you every fact about the science behind the Aurora Borealis as well as captivating stories and mythical folklore about Iceland and the Northern Lights. You will also be welcome to ask any questions you may have about the Northern Lights and Iceland.

Warm up with a hot chocolate

During the cold night, a cup of hot chocolate will keep you warm while you experience the magic of the Northern Lights. If you prefer, you can add some Jägermeister to your hot drink. During the coldest of nights, nothing will warm you up faster than a spiked cup of cocoa.

The magical Northern Lights are one of the most amazing phenomena that nature has to offer. When the Northern Lights have been spotted, you will be able to go out and see the fantastic colors in the dark and starry sky. You will have a lot of time to enjoy the display with your loved ones or friends while taking as many photos as you want.

You and the Aurora captured on a photo

It is very likely that your guide will take a photo of you under the Northern Lights and that they will share it with you online the next day so that you can keep the memory alive. We will send you an email with a link to the photos so that you can download them.

Northern Lights tours can be challenging for families with small kids. Young kids usually do not want to stay out in the cold waiting and can get bored easily. But, there is no need to worry. Your guide will make sure that your children have a warm place in the car. An iPad with 4G Wi-Fi on board will keep them entertained. They can watch their favorite cartoon on YouTube or listen to some music inside while you are watching the starry sky and the Northern Lights outside. Of course, you are also welcome to use the 4G Wi-Fi and the iPad that comes with all of our Superjeeps and warm up in the car at any time if you get cold.

After four hours of Northern Lights hunting, your guide will drive you back to Reykjavik where you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Do not hesitate! Witness the amazing Northern Lights while surrounded by the stunning Icelandic nature. In order to maximize your chances of seeing the Aurora, make sure that you book your tour for your first night in Reykjavík. Pick a date and book your tour now!

Please note

We know that your time is valuable and we want you to get the most out of your stay in Iceland. As the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and this tour is heavily weather dependent, we cannot guarantee that sightings will occur. We only start the tour if we think that the forecast and weather are optimal and offer a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Our overall sighting rate is over 90%.

In case of bad conditions or a bad forecast, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. We will let you know that the tour has been canceled by email no later than 6 pm on the day of the tour. If the tour is canceled, you can choose to receive a full refund or to reschedule your tour for another day.

If the tour takes place and no Northern Lights are seen, a refund is not offered, but you will be able to either join a non-premium Northern Lights Bus Tour free of charge or to get 50% discount on another private Northern Lights tour.

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