Hiking in tranquility and peace – there is simply nothing like it!

Strandir is one of Iceland’s secrets. The peaceful fjords, magnificent mountains, sun reflecting on the sea and mysterious fog touching the mountain tops, just to remind you there is magic in the air. Together we will go on short or long hikes, visit deserted houses, bathe in hot pools and enjoy a culinary experience.

Day 1

We begin this three day journey bright and early, by heading out of Reykjavik; destination – Westfjords. We will stop for lunch at Budardalur village, before we continue due north. On a good day you will be able to see the southern coast line of the West fjords all the way to Latrabjarg, the most western point of Europe. From here there is a good view over the countless islands of Breidafjordur bay and the colorful skerries of Gilsfjordur as most of them are covered with seaweed.

We take a break at Borgarholmur and a short hike, look out for eagles that nest in the hills or some movement in the bushes which indicates that a ptarmigan might also be taking a walk.

We head towards the village of Holmavik that rests peacefully by a small fjord. Now we have reached the Strandir area, the part of Iceland that for centuries was mostly known for the number of people that had the knowledge of witchcraft. As we embrace the stillness and silence we feel welcome to the isolated Westfjords. Yours is only to participate in their solitude for a while and let your mind at ease and you decide if you go for a swim at the warm and cozy geothermal pool of Krossneslaug.

Day 2

After breakfast we enjoy the surroundings by taking a walk on the beach, but then we climb into our minibus and head still further to the remains of a huge decaying herring factory from the early sixties. It reminds us that this remote place used to be full of life and laughter and love that lasted only a few years, as the herring disappeared.

From Ingolfsfjordur we drive on to Ofeigsfjordur – where we walk along river Hvala and stop at the beautiful waterfall Hvalarfoss. There we hike up to the hill above the fjord and experience the heaths of the West Fjords. From here you can only continue by foot. No road, no people – just the ocean or the heath as far as you can see. You are alone in the world. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

Day 3

Today we leave Nordurfjordur behind and head back south. We start the tour slowly by taking a short hike in Bjarnarfjordur  and a lunch in Holmavik village, where we also visit the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft.

We travel mountain roads and passes, on our way back to civilization. We will stop at Raudamelsheidi moor and savor still for a while the peacefulness of the wastelands where we stretch our legs on a short hike. On this route we pass a couple of lakes filled with trout.

When we are down on the lowlands we turn again to the seaside and make a break by Straumfjordur, rich of bird life and Alftafjordur where we visit the churchyard that is slowly disappearing to the ever powerful sea.

We return to Reykjavik around 20:00.

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Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Mid June – Mid September
Pick up time:
Hotel transfer, guided tour in a minibus (max 12 passengers), 2 nights accommodation in the Westfjords, breakfast x2, admission fee to the geothermal pool
Bring with you:
Warm clothes, hiking shoes, swimsuit and towel

Good to know before the tour:
Jeans are not suitable clothing; water proof jacket and shoes and a warm sweater are recommended

The tour requires a minimum of 4 adults, if you are travelling solo, or are fewer than 4, please send us an e-mail and we will put you on a waiting list for the tour

This tour can change depending on weather conditions, so this tour needs to be flexible. We are concerned about your safety. 

Get ready for the action and don’t forget your camera!



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