The Laugavegur trek from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork is the most popular route through the south Icelandic highlands; one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas in Europe.

National Geographic named the Laugavegur trail as one of the world’s best 20 hikes. Needless to say, this trip offers incredibly diverse and scenic views.

On this hike guests can expect to experience vibrant rhyolite mountains, enormous and rugged glaciers, hot springs, unique rivers, serene lakes, sharp ridges, impressive waterfalls, deep canyons and panoramic views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Multiple versions of this tour exist, but they are all the same at the core:

Departure day / First trekking day

Departure from Reykjavik early morning, arrival to Landmannalaugar around noon time.

You can either spend the afternoon here, relaxing in the beautiful area and take a dip in the natural geothermal pool.

Or you can begin your hike and aim to reach Hrafntinnusker for the evening. On this part of the trek you will pass stunning gorges, colorful rhyolite mountains, obsidian deserts and steaming hot springs, including Storihver.

Estimated 4-5 hours, hiking 12 km with an ascent of 470 m.

Accommodation in Landmannalaugar and Hrafntinnusker available in mountain huts or camping.

Second trekking day

Departure from Hrafntinnusker early morning, destination for the day is Alftavatn.

Today you will start your descent, as you head down into Jokultungur area. You will trek through the yellow and red mountains of Reykjafjoll, where you can get a stunning view of Fjallabak area, glaciers Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull, and the lake where you will spend the night; Alftavatn.

Today you will need to cross a river on foot, so keeping your wading shoes on hand is a good idea.

Estimated 4-5 hours, hiking 12 km with a decent of 490 m.

Accommodation at Alftavatn available in mountain hut or camping.

Third trekking day

Departure from Alftavatn early morning, destination for the day is Emstrur.

Don’t pack your wading shoes just yet, because this day starts with crossing another stream. You will pass the green hills of Storasula volcano as you make your way to Maelifellssandur desert. Another volcano on your route will be Hattfell, just as you enter the Emstrur area. Before you head to your campsite, however, you will make your way into Markarfljotsgljufur. This is a 200 m deep canyon, formed by glacier rivers over hundreds of years.

Estimated 6-7 hours, hiking 16 km with a decent of 40 m.

Accommodation at Emstrur available in mountain hut or camping.

Fourth trekking day

Departure from Emstur early morning, destination for the day is Thorsmork.

Today you will be trekking through Almenningur, with Mt. Einhyrningur and Myrdalsjokull glacier keeping a close eye on you. You will notice the landscape changing from barren deserts, to grassy knells and birch forests, as you get closer to Thorsmork (The woods of the thunder god Thor). Thorsmork is surrounded by glaciers on 3 sides; Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull and Tindfjallajokull.

Estimated 6-7 hours, hiking 16 km with a decent of 300 m.

Accommodation at Emstrur available in mountain hut or camping.

At the end of the trekking tour, you can choose between a few options:

Try to make it in time to catch the evening bus back to Reykjavik

Spend the night and enjoy the following day visiting some of the amazing hiking trails in the area, such as  hiking to Magni and Móði craters. Heading back to Reykjavik on the evening bus.

Magni & Modi craters

Spend the night, and in the morning continue on over to Skogar. Combine your highland trek of Laugavegur with the Fimmvorduhals trek – making this the ultimate highland adventure.

Fimmvorduhals trek

Duration: 5-6 days, depending on availability and itinerary chosen
Jun-Sep on select departure dates only
Included: Expert trekking guide, transfer from/to Reykjavík by bus, accommodation choice between hut and tent
Some itineraries include luggage and meal transport – please contact us for more details
Bring with you: 
Please press the button below for a detailed list of recommended equipment and appropriate clothing.

Laugavegur trek equipment list

Good to know before the tour:
Depending on the itinerary chosen, you may need to carry your luggage on your back the whole trip, or you may book luggage and meal transfers.

Your luggage will have to be waterproof, dust proof and rainproof, no matter which option is chosen. Make sure you pack your electronics, and other items that are vulnerable to hardships, very well. It is your responsibility to pack your luggage right and we do not take responsibility for any of your belongings on a escorted trek.

You can expect any kind of weather in Iceland, and your trekking tour might be cancelled or delayed with short notice due to weather. Your safety is our number one priority!

This tour can change depending on weather conditions, so this tour needs to be flexible. We are concerned about your safety. 

Get ready for the action and don’t forget your camera!

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