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Enjoy the most popular sites in Iceland in an exciting adventurous way! Visit the stunning sights of the famous Golden Circle in a luxury Super Jeep. Go off the beaten track and head off into the ice-covered Langjokull, the second largest glacier in Iceland for a thrilling snowmobile adventure.

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We Make Your Iceland Trip the Experience of a Lifetime

Custom Private Tours and Selected Premium Adventures for those, who expect the highest level of service, and attention to details

Whether you want to join us for one of our scheduled tours or you’re looking for a family holiday, an extraordinary adventure, a romantic escape, or a special event, we can arrange it. And with our fully bonded status providing peace of mind, all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and look forward to your holiday.

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Travel with people you love


Go with your family, your friends, your colleagues, or on your own. No matter what you want to do and where you want to go in Iceland, we design your perfect trip and make your stay the experience of a lifetime.


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Travel with people you’re gonna love


A great journey is made even better with good company—and you’ll never be in better company than on our tours.
Unique small group tours handpicked for you by the Activity Iceland team.




[divider line_type=”Small Line” line_alignment=”default” line_thickness=”2″ divider_color=”extra-color-3″ animate=”yes” custom_height=”50″ custom_line_width=”80″][testimonial_slider style=”multiple_visible_minimal” star_rating_color=”accent-color” add_border=”true”][testimonial star_rating=”100%” title=”Testimonial” id=”1576762808212-6″ name=”Shannon” subtitle=”Private Super Jeep Tour” quote=”We had a group of 6 people and did the private super jeep tour. It was the highlight of our trip. Our driver was exceptional. We did the South East tour which included two beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches, and snowmobiling. On another day we did the Golden Circle, off-roading in the snow in the Jeep, and went into a Lava cave. Having the super jeep and a company that adjusts to the snow allowed our trip to run seamlessly while other tours were canceled due to snow and wind.” tab_id=”1576762808213-9″][testimonial star_rating=”100%” title=”Testimonial” id=”1576762808260-10″ name=”Aunali” subtitle=”Super Jeep Tour – South Coast” quote=”True professionals! Just the people that a tourist in Iceland needs. Seamless coordination and no red tape. A no-nonsense approach to providing the right information at the right time to make touring Iceland very enjoyable. Always available to help you out no matter what!
We actually booked ourselves on a tour while touring southern Iceland through a simple email. The job was done to perfection without any hassles.
Recommended to the core!!” tab_id=”1576762808261-9″][testimonial star_rating=”100%” title=”Testimonial” id=”1576762808302-9″ name=”Christian Sormo” subtitle=”Super Jeep Tour” quote=”Had a whole day on Sunday 5 March with the long Arctic Truck Sprinter, the guide was amaaaazing, we were 12 guys, had the most fun in years! Worth every krone!!” tab_id=”1576762808303-8″][testimonial star_rating=”100%” title=”Testimonial” id=”1576762808339-5″ tab_id=”1576762808339-1″ name=”Laura Salerno” subtitle=”Super Jeep Tours” quote=”Most adventurous and beautiful tours I’ve ever taken! my friends and I took 2 different tours with Activity Iceland and they were both great! We had so much fun and saw so many of Iceland’s breathtaking sites! The guide was highly knowledgeable and made our Iceland experiences so memorable. I would highly recommend booking a super jeep tour through Activity Iceland!”][/testimonial_slider]