Amazing boat tour options in Reykjavík

RIB boat tours 06Wow that was fun!!

If you are looking for something amazing to do in Reykjavik this summer, you should definitely check out the boat tour options from Reykjavik old harbor.

Whether you want to explore the bird life on a puffin tour or whale watching tour, or if you would rather eat the wild life on a sea angling tour, the boat tour options available won’t disappoint.

For people like me, who needs a lot of action happening so my mind does not wander, the only whale watching tours I can cope with are the RIB boat tours. I have always found that whale watching was more like whale waiting and I would be thinking about the meaning of life and why we are all here, before long. But not on RIB boats! 

We were out of the harbor in only just a couple of minutes and bouncing on the waves of Faxafloi bay before we knew it! With stupid grins on our faces and squealing like little school girls, this was the most thrilling and amazing whale watching tour we had ever done! We found a pod of whales very quickly and enjoyed the proximity to the animals immensely. The guides of the RIB boats were in great contact with the larger boats lulling around us, because being higher from the sea level they had better far distance view, and then we would zoom past them to make it to the whales before them.

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Man this was fun! And of course there were moments where the whales and dolphins were shy, or diving deep to eat or whatever… But then we would race around the ocean, making our own waves to play in (it was, believe-it-or-not, a very still day…).

On the way back from the whale watching site, we sailed around the islands of Faxaflói bay, watching the puffins at play. It surprised me to see how tiny they are! Once everybody had gotten their mandatory pictures of puffins (except me, because my phone died…), we rushed back to the old harbor, splashing through makeshift waves on the way.

RIB boat tours 02 RIB boat tours 01 RIB boat tours 05

I can say with full confidence that this is a tour option I recommend!!

So…if you want to have as much fun as I did, while you are visiting Reykjavik, book this tour HERE

Peace out – Eydis 

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