Join this fantastic super truck tour, visiting some of the most popular sites in Iceland; Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall. Extra bonus is a visit to a newly found Ice cave in Langjökull glacier.

If you have a rental car, you can also meet up with us at Gullfoss waterfall, and join the super jeep tour from there. Make sure to select this option in the booking engine.

We pick you up from your pick-up location in Reykjavik. We will use the darkness in the morning to drive to the first stop. The mighty Geysir hot spring area. It has a few bubbling mud pools and one spouting geyser named Strokkur. That geyser erupts approximately every 8 – 10 minutes sending the hot water 15- 20 meters high up in the air. Just make sure you don´t stand downwind from that one or it is quite the warm shower for you. The old geyser Geysir does not erupt any more but who knows, he might wake up again someday after a good earthquake.

On we go towards Gullfoss waterfall one of the most sought out waterfalls in whole Iceland. As one first approaches the falls, the edge is obscured from view, so that it appears that the river simply vanishes into the earth. The wide Hvítá river rushes southward, and about a kilometer above the falls it turns sharply to the right and flows down into a wide curved three-step “staircase” and then abruptly plunges into the river below.

Now it is time to put the Super Truck to the test, head towards the Langjokull ice cave, and show you what it is all about! We switch the jeep into low gear, let some air out of the tires to give you a smoother ride, and then we are on our way! Sometimes conditions can be quite difficult, making the trip up to the glacier cave a long and slow one. Possibly we may not even make it at all, but in that case we will try to make it up to you with a small surprise. We might get stuck in the snow at some point, but then the driver will have to pull some tricks out of their bag to get the car free. Other times, it may be smooth sailing the whole way and we can use our time to play around more!

The newly formed Langjokull ice cave lies on the edge of the glacier and is quite the magnificent sight to see. Glacier caves almost always form by flowing water entering the glacier through cracks or crevasses, which are then enlarged over time, both by erosion and melting. Like solution caves that carry water from one surface sink point to a resurgence, so glacier caves may serve as conduits for water through glaciers. The blue color comes only when light from above shines through and the roof is not covered with snow. The cave is lit up with strategically placed lights, so you get to fully enjoy the beauty of the cave, whether it is rain or shine outside.

After some time in the Langjokull ice cave, it is time to drive back to Reykjavik. If time and daylight allow us we will make a quick stop at Thingvellir national park. It is a UNESCO world heritage site plus, one of the few places in the world the tectonic plates and the rifts between them are visible to us.

Once we have made it safely down off the glacier, a we will make a stop for a light lunch (included). It will be a late lunch, so it is a good idea to bring some snacks for the car and eat a big breakfast before the tour!

Are you here in the summer time? Then perhaps these tours are a better idea:

Duration: aprox. 10 hours
November – april
Pick up time:
Driver-guide, pick up and drop off in Reykjavík, all necessary glacier cave gear; helmet, head lamp and crampons, light (late) lunch

Good to know before the tour:

The lunch stop on this tour is quite late in the day, so make sure to pack some snacks to bring in the car.

Jeans are not suitable clothing; water proof jacket and shoes and a warm sweater are recommended

You can expect any kind of weather in Iceland, and travel to the glacier area may be cancelled with short notice due to weather. Your safety is our number one priority!



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This tour can change depending on weather conditions, so this tour needs to be flexible. We are concerned about your safety. 

Get ready for the action and don’t forget your camera!